Paintball CO2 Refills

Call anytime Monday-Saturday 6:30am-10pm. We'll arrange a time for you to come fill CO2 tanks.

  • No purging fees
  • No warm fees
    • We'll get it within 0.2 oz of full or it's free
    • If we run out of air filling your tank, the next fill is free too.
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CO2 Refills

0-9 oz. $5.00
10-19 oz. $6.00
20-23 oz. $7.00
24 oz. $8.00
Fill CO2 in Rexburg, Idaho

We fill tanks for other purposes too!

Aquarium Systems

Some planted aquariums use carbon dioxide to provide vital nutrients to their plants.

Power Tanks

Power Tanks offer a power shot of air to fill up your SXS or ATV tires quickly without a compressor. We can fill the smaller 20oz tanks.Learn More

Soda Stream?

Home soda fountains utilize a similar CO2 tank to carbonate beverages in your own kitchen. There is however a sanitary difference between the tanks used to fill paintball tanks and tanks used for soda systems. Carbonation systems use food grade CO2 that has been kept sanitary for consumption throughout the process. So, while our fill station will work for many of these tanks, paintball systems are not intended for food. Still have questions? Give us a call

Essentially, if your tank has the same valve as a paintball CO2 tank and is between 4 and 24oz, we can probably fill it. If you're not sure, you can send a photo of your tank to (208) 515-2005 to confirm.

co2 valve

What DON'T we fill?

Compressed Air / NOS

If your tank has a guage at the valve that shows PSI, we cannot fill it. Your tank uses compressed air, not CO2 and will need to be filled with a powerful compressor capable of pressures of at least 3000psi.

Large Tanks

A good rule of thumb is if your tank's weight is referred to in pounds, it's too big. If it's referred to in ounces, you're likely fine. Our standard sizes are listed in our price table above but if your tank is under 2 lbs and has the right valve, we can probably fill it. If you have a large tank, it is likely from AirGas or Norco. Large Norco tanks can be swapped at NAPA Auto Parts and large AirGas tanks can be swapped through US Welding, pending they have inventory of your specific tank.

Broken or Dangerous Valves

CO2 tanks are much less volatile than fiberglass compressed air tanks but they can still have issues that make them dangerous. Your tank likely has a paint stripe connecting the valve and tank body. If that stripe doesn't match up continuously than your tank is prone to come undone and is deemed dangerous. If air leaks out from the valve pin, the valve is broken and cannot be reasonably filled.

Disposable Tanks

There is a small variety of smaller tanks that are intended for one-time use, the most common is 12g. Because these tanks don't have a valve of any kind, they cannot be filled.

compressed air valve

Other Frequently Asked Questions?

Why does my gun leak near my CO2 tank?

You probably have a bad o-ring. That's the little rubberband seal near the top of your tanks valve. If it's broken or stretched, it's really easy to get off. Sometimes, you can squish and stretch the o-ring to get it off. Most often, o-rings need to be removed by carefully using a pick, small screwdriver, pocket knife, or other implement with a very small and strong end.

Can I fill my tank if it has a bad o-ring? Do you sell o-rings?

You're in luck. We have plenty of o-rings on hand and if we're filling your tank, we'll replace bad o-rings free of charge.

Why does my tank leak out of the bolt below the valve?

That's actually a special bolt called a burst disc. It's a little piece of weaker metal that is designed to break if your tank reaches too high a pressure. This might happen if the tank is overfilled or if the tank get's too hot. We sell and replace burst discs. You might be out a couple of bucks but at least the tank didn't become a shrapenal grenade, right?

My tank is almost full. Can you top it off?

CO2 tanks are filled by weight and it's a game of pressure. That means that 1) your tank will need to be emptied to determine how much it weighs empty, and 2) your tank will need to be empty to make it cold enough to fill. For some tanks such as 20oz tanks, we can give you a fairly accurate estimate of how much co2 is remaining but we'll either need to empty and fill it or not; we can't top off your tank.

How many balls can I shoot with 20oz of CO2?

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If there are any more questions, please email or call 208.515.2005.