Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and statewide stay-at-home order issued by Governor Brad Little, we are closed for service until further notice. We will continue to monitor phone calls and emails for questions and future reservations. In the meantime, please stay cautious and stay healthy.

Paintball Air Refills

Fill CO2 in Rexburg, Idaho

CO2 Refills

0-9 oz. $3.00
10-19 oz. $4.00
20-23 oz. $5.00
24 oz. $6.00
25+ oz. 35¢ /oz.

Call anytime Monday-Saturday 6:30am-10pm. We'll arrange a time for you to come fill CO2 tanks.

  • No purging fees
  • No warm fees
    • We'll get it within 0.2 oz of full or it's free
    • If we run out of air filling your tank, the next fill is free too.

More Info

If there are any more questions, please email or call 208.515.2005.