FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many balls can I shoot with 9oz of CO2? 12oz? 20oz?

The simple answer:

  • 9 oz: 300-400 rounds
  • 12 oz: 500-600 rounds
  • 20 oz: 800-1000 rounds

However, CO2 isn't really an exact science. The amount of ammo you can shoot through with a given amount of CO2 depends on several factors.

  • Weather: You will get fewer shots in cold weather due to less pressure in your tank
  • Your Gun: Every gun is different. Most semi-auto guns use blow-back to recock between rounds. That uses CO2. Tippmann's A5 has a pretty cool cyclone feed to load the next paintball. Let's just say those that shoot A5's come back for more refills and generally have larger tanks.
  • Gun Maintenance: There are several O-rings and seals within a paintball gun, all intended to keep the CO2 where it's supposed to be. Keeping them lubricated often will improve CO2 efficiency.
  • A full tank: Sadly, many fields and pro-shops don't give a full fill. We will! We full fill gaurantee it.

How many paintballs can I expect to shoot?

How much somebody shoots depends a lot on how trigger-happy the player is. Terrain can play a big part though, specifically how far you can see. If you're playing in an area that densely wooded, you'll shoot less than if you're playing in a more open area where you can see further. Essentially, if you can see where your opponent is hiding, it's far more likely that you'll shoot, even if they are out of range or behind cover.

Does it hurt?

Getting shot with a paintball can hurt a little, how much depends on the person. It's about the same as a good pinch or being snapped by a towel. Fortunately, there's a few ways to make it hurt less. You can wear a little padding. A hoodie or canvas jacket seem to work pretty well. Another way is just to get your adreneline pumping. The more you get into the game, the less it will hurt when you get shot.

If you're not sure if you can take it, try this:

  1. Grab an average rubberband
  2. Spread the rubberband between 2 fingers
  3. Hold the rubberband against your leg
  4. Pull back the rubberband and let go

The best thing that can happen to somebody scared of being shot is actually to be shot. It's seriously not as bad as they hype.

Does paintball wash out?

A lot of paint does wash out, a lot does not. Actually, nature can be more of a worry to your clothing than the paintballs. Just wear some grubby clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.

Is paintball safe?

Paintball in and of itself is safer than bowling. Most injuries that occur in paintball are regular sports injuries such as twisted or sprained ankles or outdoor injuries such as abrasions from brushing up against trees, rocks and dirt. Other injuries can occur to the face and especially the eye if proper protective goggles are not worn.

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