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Improve Your Game

Ready to take your paintball game up a notch? Come see us at Xtreme Outdoor and we'll be more than happy to give you a demonstration or help you get to know your gun (or ours) a little better. If you really want to have an edge on the competition, look a little deeper. Here's some great videos to start with.

Getting Started

ExpertVillage has done a great job with some beginning paintball demonstrations. Here's a playlist of some of some of the basic.

Strategy Tips

Tippmann Paintball Guides
6 Tips to Win in the Woods - Greg Hastings
US Army Guide to Paintball

Here's another great compilation of ExpertVillage demonstrations for a little more indepth strategy

Intermediate Tactics, Tricks, and Practice Drills

Learn great tactics, tricks, and practice drills from some of the pros. This is a great playlist by TERRBOX95