Basic Paintball Rules of Play

There are many different games and scenarios that can be played, each with slightly different rules. All games have a few things in common. Each player is equipped with a marker, a mask, a hopper, an air tank, and paintballs. Players are divided into teams. Players are given a designated starting location. On a predetermined signal, the game begins. Players then advance and attempt to tag the other team by shooting them with paintballs. When you get shot you get out.

How to get out

You are considered hit when a paintball has left paintball on you or your equipment the size of a quarter. That includes all accessories you might be carrying: gun, mask, pack, shoe, etc. If the paint came from your own team, you are still out. If you are not sure whether you are out, yell "PAINT CHECK". Either a referee or a teammate will then check you and label you either hit or safe. When you are hit, yell "HIT!", raise your gun above your head and quickly walk off the field. Once you are hit, you are out of the game and cannot speak to anyone in the game. Dead men don't talk. If you have falsely declared yourself as out, you are still out. The players on the field have made note that you are not in the game and your reappearance is highly unfair.

Keep your mask on

Keep your mask on at all times when anywhere in or around play. If a stray paintball could possibly reach your location, keep your mask on. The greatest danger of paintball is an eye injury, including blindness. Keeping your mask on protects you from these possibilities.

Keep your marker safe

Another danger results from misfires when not in play. If you are not in play, you should always have some sort of barrel cover or barrel plug and your gun should be on safety.

Stay in bounds

When starting a game, boundaries and starting locations should be identified. At the start, each team should be in a group at a specified starting location unless otherwise specified. Players must remain in bounds during game play. Going out of bounds renders a player out for the round.

Protect your gun

Do not put paintballs in your marker that have been found on the ground. The dirt collected on the ball will cause malfunctions and damage to your marker. When crawling, take care not to hit your marker against hard objects.

Be safe with grenades

When using grenades, be sure to throw them near your opponent, not at them.

Don't fire blindly

When firing around an object, you must present yourself with your gun. Do not hold your gun around a corner and fire blindly.

Check your speed

Before playing, each gun should be chronographed (speed checked) and set at a velocity of less than 300 fps (feet per second). Do not alter velocity except when chronographing.