One of Rexburg's Favorite Dates!

For just a little more than the cost of a movie, you can get some guns and paint and go paintballing.

Common Worries

Concern: My boyfriend will shoot me.
Solution: You can be on the same team as your boyfriend. In that way, you'll get to work together, build communication lines, AND have fun. There is also the chance that you may WANT to be against him so YOU can shoot HIM!
Concern: Doesn't that hurt!?
Solution: Getting shot with a paintball can hurt a little, how much depends on the person. It's about the same as getting pinched. Fortunately, there's a few ways to make it hurt less. You can wear a little padding. A hoodie or canvas jacket seem to work pretty well. Another way is just to get your adreneline pumping. The more you get into the game, the less it will hurt when you get shot.
Concern: Paintball is a guy sport.
Solution: True, the majority of paintballers are guys. However, at Splatter Gulch Paintball in Dillon, MT, about 60% of the customers were girls. That included groups from an LDS Releif Society and Young Women's. Between 30-40% of Xtreme Outdoor customers are girls. Girls can actually be quite ruthless.
Concern: I'm not sure I want to go shoot people for a date.
Solution For Singles: Paintball is a great way to learn about your boyfriend/girlfriend. You can see how they react to the outdoors, how they solve problems, and how aggressive they might be.
Solution For Marrieds: By planning and carrying out game plans, you can strengthen your communication and just enjoy working together towards a common goal.
Concern: Does paintball wash out?
Solution: A lot of paint does wash out, a lot does not. Actually, nature can be more of a worry to your clothing than the paintballs. Just wear some grubby clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.