All reservation requests will be answered according to availability. Call or text Mon-Sat 8am-10pm. Rental equipment cannot be shipped. All rentals must be picked up and dropped off at our Rexburg location.

Easy Steps

On-Site Rentals (We bring the game to you) ?

  1. Make arrangements
  2. Meet up with Attendant
  3. Sign Waiver of Release and Liability
  4. Play paintball!
  5. Pay for Rentals

Make Arrangements

For most rentals, just call to request the equipment you want. For on-site or larger rentals (more than 25 guns), call to reserve at least 2 weeks to get a custom quote for your group's needs. All reservation requests will be met depending upon availability.

Off-Site Rentals (Rentals to Go)


Make arrangements to pick up the equipment. Rentals cannot be shipped. Then you take the gear and use it wherever you want. Rentals can be picked up at any time Monday through Saturday. Standard rentals are for 2 days at a time with the exception of weekend rentals. Equipment may be picked up Friday and dropped off on Monday for no additional charge. Returns must also be scheduled.

Sign Release Forms

A rental agreement will be signed when equipment is received and verified again when returned. There are established fees for losing or breaking equipment.

A Waiver of Release and Liability will also need to be signed by each player using Xtreme Outdoor equipment. If the player is a minor, a legal guardian will need to sign the form

All rentals must be signed for by an adult.


Cash, Check, or Credit are accepted.

A $50 deposit is also required when equipment is received. A post-dated check is acceptable. Upon safe return, the deposit is refunded in full. If equipment is severely damaged or lost, a portion of the deposit will be kept to repair or replace equipment.

Rental Equipment

On-Site Rentals (We bring the game to you)

If you wish, an Xtreme Outdoor attendant will accompany the equipment to make sure everything goes okay. The attendant is billed at an hourly rate ($30). They will transport the equipment to and from the field, referee games, troubleshoot equipment, fill CO2, and provide onsite speed testing of all guns in play. No deposit or rental contract is necessary if hiring an attendant. Reservations for attendants will also need to be at 2 weeks in advance. Requests will be answered according to availability. More Information


  • Rental Package - $13
  • Attendant/CO2 - $30/hr (Including travel and setup)
  • Paintballs (Field Paint Only)
    • 2000 Rounds - $40
    • 500 Rounds - $11

You will be charged for what paintballs you use after the event.

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More Info

If there are any more questions, please email or call 208.515.2005.