On-Site Paintball Rentals

Xtreme Outdoor does not own/maintain any paintball fields. There are many free paintball fields in the area and many great private fields as well. On-Site paintball rentals give you a professional paintball field wherever you want it. You get the rental gear delivered to a location that you specify. It's paintball without the hassle. All you do is show up ready to play. Leave the setup and cleanup to us and just play.

You'll have an attendant there to take care of the equipment, explain the game, make scenario suggestions, referee your games, and provide on-site speed testing of all guns in play. Having an attendant, it's unlikely you'll have any CO2 or paintball shortage allowing you to play to your heart's content.

There is a minimum group size of 10 people for any on-site reservation and reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance. Requests will be answered according to availability. Only Xtreme Outdoor paintballs are permitted for on-site events. Additional players with their own gear just pay a field fee and enjoy free CO2 refills along with any renters.

5 Easy Steps

  1. Make arrangements
  2. Meet up with attendant at your field
  3. Sign Waiver of Release and Liability
  4. Play paintball!
  5. Pay for rentals

On-Site Cost Calculator (Estimate Only)

Discount %
No. of Players ?
Rentals ?
Paintballs per Person
Total Paintballs
Game Time to
Drive Time (1-way)
Provided Field ?
Time Estimates
Driving 0:45
Setting up 1:00
Playing 4:30
Cleaning up 0:30
Total Time 0:30
Product/Service QTY Price Subtotal Unit Cost Expense
Rental Packages 14.00 2
Additional Players 5.00 2
Paintball Cases (2000 Rounds) 47.00 32
Hours ?
+ ( * )
Provided Field 0 0 0
Estimated SubTotal Expense
Estimated Total* Profit

* This calculator is for the purposes of estimating the cost of an onsite event and in no way constitutes a contract or agreement. The total price here may differ from the final price provided by a member of our team.

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